What do I see as the positive side of teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages?


I am a very enthusiastic and positive person thus I feel that teaching is definitely for people like me.

I love helping people to achieve their dreams and I love making people feel better about themselves.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is positive for many reasons. I am a non-native speaker of English. I feel that this can be an advantage in a way that Speakers of Other Languages could feel more confident because I am also a foreigner. It is certainly a point of view.

Teaching itself is very challenging for me and I love challenges. I also believe that educating Speakers of Other Languages is very interesting due to their own culture. It is easier to talk about topics related to cuisine, politics and customs. It is very interesting to exchange opinions with Spanish, French, Italian and South American people about their usual habits. I can also learn a lot through teaching.

I am also interested in other languages thus it is positive to see the differences in grammar.

I am able to improve myself every day as I am sure there are many questions from the students and perhaps not just general questions. I certainly believe that teachers are learning and improving themselves continuously. Teaching is a very positive occupation for me. We give something great to people so they can be happier and more confident with their new knowledge. I do remember the teachers from my childhood. Especially the “good“ ones.

My English teacher was so enthusiastic and she really paid attention to students who loved the language. Probably that was the reason why I could help her teaching children in summer camps at the age of 13.

The other major positive side for me regarding teaching is drama. The play (fun) part of the education.

I believe that there is an obligated part of teaching, the grammar and certain exercises however I feel that drama, games and fun activities can keep students stay interested, fresh and focused. Combining the play part and the serious part of teaching, paying attention to the time can be also challenging. Lesson planning is one thing I was really looking forward to.

IMG_2158 (1)

Overall I believe that good attitude, diligence and most importantly love for teaching is the key when it comes to teaching Speakers of Other Languages.

What is the positive side of teaching English for you?

Your wish can help others

In case you are not aware of the power of your mind; I would like to share a story with you.

I started to teach six young unemployed people in December. Since their level is C1 (advanced level), my aim and task were helping them to improve their English language proficiency as much as they could.

As I got to know them individually; I started to feel their frustration regarding unemployment especially because there were so many exercises regarding the topic called job. Questions like: How do you like your job? Did you have more free time when you were a child or do you have more now? Do you have enough leisure time? After all, they asked me to skip those exercises. No wonder why.


My dilemma started. Obviously, if they found a job they would leave the course then I would not have anyone to teach. On the other hand, I love motivating people and helping others makes me feel truly happy.

I decided to wish them the best from the bottom of my heart, and I even told them that I would assist them to find a job. I started to send job offers, and I shared all the information I heard about jobs in Barcelona or nearby.

In January, one girl got a job so she had to leave although she promised to return. Then a guy received an offer from Madrid thus, he has gone and he might not come back at all. Then another man started to work not in his field of study but a job is a job, and I am sure later he will receive another offer or even open his own business. There are three girls left so now fingers crossed for them.

Your wish indeed can help others!


Think like Einstein and manifest your dreams

Intelligence versus Imagination: We all know the famous quote by Albert Einstein “the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. “ There are many articles about Einstein and most of us are fascinated by him, by his life and work. He truly knew something.

Curiosity: Think like Einstein and you manifest your dreams, but how did he think? He was curious just like a child. If we remain curious, we will discover so many interesting things. From those interesting things then we can imagine and visualize further, like we play with our thoughts. Example: I am curious how children can be so content and if they want to cry, they just do it in front of others. Then I am curious about the reason of many diseases of malfunction of the body mechanism. Then I will get to know that if we repress feelings we can get sick thus I will cry in public, if I have to. I am curious how to make a website although I never liked computers in my life, but my curiosity helps me to manifest my dream.

Einstein logicImagination: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination get you everywhere! “ Said Albert Einstein. He deeply imagined things and then he actually believed in them. Most people do think a lot and daydream too however when it comes to our dream, do we have the faith? Our faith must be so strong like a mustard seed. It is written in the Bible. “If you have faith as a mustard seed you will say to this mountain, `Move from here to there, ` and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. “ So many times we decide by logic instead of following our intuition.  I had many dreams, I did follow my intuition and I still do. Einstein inspires me so as Jesus, Gandhi and others. I had a dream. I imagined it with closed eyes and I wrote it down in the present tense. I have a dream that I am free. Free of judgements, jealousy, and anger. I would like to have financial freedom and I would like to motivate others. What is your dream?

Making mistakes: Einstein said that anyone who has never made a mistake never tried anything new. So let`s make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. The best example is language itself. Learning a new language requires bravery. If we never start to learn a language due to the fear of making mistakes then we will lose so many things. The feeling of achievement, happiness, new relations etc… As educators and teachers we must encourage everyone to be brave, to use the language with mistakes, rather than not to use it at all.

Before GodWe are all the same: Last but not least if we want to succeed in life, we must accept one another. We cannot manifest a Ferrari if we are jealous of people with Ferrari. How could we write a book if we don`t admire other writers, authors, poets and artists? As we learn that before God we are all equal then we can manifest whatever we want.

7 Tips For Teaching English Through Art

  1. Art can be poetry, colouring, music and many other wonderful form of freedom. We choose one, what is the most suitable for the particular student or class.
  2. Get to know the students! Before I choose a form of art, I get to know the people I “teach“ or communicate with. Some of us love music, others love poetry or rap music / rapping. With children it is slightly different thus I recommend one form at a time and another the next time (colouring, TPR, music) . 2015-06-18 14.00.30
  3. Creative Writing works very well with both children and adults plus you can also have a contest. They can write about a given topic (you start with 1-3 sentences : “Once upon a time there was a little girl/boy who wanted to have a bicycle.“ ) This is way better than a given homework: write 5 sentences with present simple/past simple etc.
  4. Drama/Acting : Artigal`s method for children is an amazing way of teaching and Amateur theatre for adults is another way to teach English through drama, unless we have a First Certificate exam, to get prepared for.  : ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRaOFt3c6oo) https://sites.google.com/a/xtec.cat/la-llengua-anglesa/artigal-s-method )
  5. Meditation : Before the class , especially with little children, 3 minutes meditation has a great effect. I ask them to close their eyes and breath in and out slowly. They love it. I also use this, instead of too many “time out“ or “punishment“ .
  6. Emotions-Feelings : Talking about emotions can be used with adults as well as with children. English can be taught through books and certain  inevitable grammar exercises, however when it comes to adaptation, feeling-talking is a success for sure! We all love talking about ourselves. I always ask students “What is your dream?“
  7. Appreciate art itself! As teachers we all need to learn new teaching methods. Creativity is essential unless we just want to swim through the day like a sleepy fish.

Think twice; before you decide to teach English; in Miranda de Ebro

Arrival: I arrived to Miranda de Ebro with fear as usual. My tummy was in pain and I felt that I wanted to return to Barcelona. Thanks to my boyfriend, I stayed. He was always so calm and relaxed. He took me to a coffee shop, we sat down and I was keep telling him why I should return to Barcelona, where I had no permanent job at that moment. He asked me if I had seen the paintings on the wall, since I loved art.

School: After calming me down, I went to the school, where I greeted the DOS.  The working hours were 4 pm to 8 pm straight, no coffee breaks. The children arrived without pencils, and sometimes, I could not get out to drink a glass of water. On the other hand people were really nice and helpful. I also heard from them that huge amount of teachers left within a week so I was very proud of myself that I stayed for three.

The last day in Miranda: waiting at the bus station: I wanted to go to Barcelona by train but there were no tickets left for me, due to a special holiday. My bus supposed to depart at 11.15 am. I was waiting but nothing had happened. Then a man came to ask who was going to the cosmopolitan capital of Spain`s Catalonia region. Since I was the only one; I had to go with him by car to another village; from where; I could take the actual bus to BCN.

The bus came at 12.00 pm sharp. I think many people would say: “Well, this is not the way it should be. “however if we think of the village life, in its beauty, things are quite slow there, which can be great sometimes. When we have an urgency then it is annoying for sure, although life is more beautiful when some things are just not planned. 2015-10-10 11.28.57

Spanish music by “pantalones“ man: In the village, between Miranda de Ebro and Vitoria or Logrono, here I am, waiting at the bus stop. I can see three birds jumping on a roof of a really typical village house, the Sun is shining and the weather is a bit chilly so I feel even more alive and fresh. Then a car is arriving, playing loud music and the driver is advertising his “pantalones“ business, through his loudspeaker. I find it amazing. The village people are coming out from their houses and they actually are buying some “pantalones“ and all other type of clothing. The music goes on in the loudspeaker, the birds are keep jumping on the roof then I suddenly look around and I see the mountains. This is life and I experience life in its beauty near Miranda de Ebro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8haTEY80BgU

5 tips for teaching English in Spain

1. Never ever give up!

Native or non-native is a big topic regarding teaching in any country. As a non-native I lost many teaching opportunities however I never ever give up! I have a clear goal and if life teaches me a lesson, well, then, I am ready to learn it. IMG-20150619-WA0000

2. Be flexible!

I have a friend called Ego. My friend helps me in certain situations but he does not help me in others. To put it bluntly : when it comes to teaching ; as a non-native ; we need to be flexible unless we have a PhD in linguistics, few years of experience working as an English teacher and we speak the language of the particular country we live in.

3. Be patient!

Patience is an essential spice when we cook teaching. Probably the colour of patience would be white, or light blue as passion for teaching would be red. When I got certain job offers; with 10 hours teaching per week; I got angry. I had this fixed idea that I wanted to have 20 hours teaching a week in the same school so that I don`t have to travel too much. I realized that I need to be patient. I believe that the perfect job does exist however we need to wait for it.

4. Have faith!

I think faith is the key to everything. I have many friends, even natives from the Celta course, who left Barcelona because they haven`t found what they wanted and that is perfectly fine. On the other hand I am not sure that they had faith in what they wanted to achieve. Visualizing is a great way (for me) to reach the result of my dream (with flexibility and patience) . I imagine the school, the teachers and the students.

5. Learn, study and improve!

I study and read every day. I learn Spanish and English. I prepare and check grammar again and again. I learn from my students, from my colleagues, from the Director of Studies and from everyone! I think every teacher must study and they must study how to teach with love. I met teachers who did their job as a robot. I missed the spices. Their lesson was like a soup without salt, pepper and parsley.2015-10-08 13.00.56