5 tips for teaching English in Spain

1. Never ever give up!

Native or non-native is a big topic regarding teaching in any country. As a non-native I lost many teaching opportunities however I never ever give up! I have a clear goal and if life teaches me a lesson, well, then, I am ready to learn it. IMG-20150619-WA0000

2. Be flexible!

I have a friend called Ego. My friend helps me in certain situations but he does not help me in others. To put it bluntly : when it comes to teaching ; as a non-native ; we need to be flexible unless we have a PhD in linguistics, few years of experience working as an English teacher and we speak the language of the particular country we live in.

3. Be patient!

Patience is an essential spice when we cook teaching. Probably the colour of patience would be white, or light blue as passion for teaching would be red. When I got certain job offers; with 10 hours teaching per week; I got angry. I had this fixed idea that I wanted to have 20 hours teaching a week in the same school so that I don`t have to travel too much. I realized that I need to be patient. I believe that the perfect job does exist however we need to wait for it.

4. Have faith!

I think faith is the key to everything. I have many friends, even natives from the Celta course, who left Barcelona because they haven`t found what they wanted and that is perfectly fine. On the other hand I am not sure that they had faith in what they wanted to achieve. Visualizing is a great way (for me) to reach the result of my dream (with flexibility and patience) . I imagine the school, the teachers and the students.

5. Learn, study and improve!

I study and read every day. I learn Spanish and English. I prepare and check grammar again and again. I learn from my students, from my colleagues, from the Director of Studies and from everyone! I think every teacher must study and they must study how to teach with love. I met teachers who did their job as a robot. I missed the spices. Their lesson was like a soup without salt, pepper and parsley.2015-10-08 13.00.56


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