Think twice; before you decide to teach English; in Miranda de Ebro

Arrival: I arrived to Miranda de Ebro with fear as usual. My tummy was in pain and I felt that I wanted to return to Barcelona. Thanks to my boyfriend, I stayed. He was always so calm and relaxed. He took me to a coffee shop, we sat down and I was keep telling him why I should return to Barcelona, where I had no permanent job at that moment. He asked me if I had seen the paintings on the wall, since I loved art.

School: After calming me down, I went to the school, where I greeted the DOS.  The working hours were 4 pm to 8 pm straight, no coffee breaks. The children arrived without pencils, and sometimes, I could not get out to drink a glass of water. On the other hand people were really nice and helpful. I also heard from them that huge amount of teachers left within a week so I was very proud of myself that I stayed for three.

The last day in Miranda: waiting at the bus station: I wanted to go to Barcelona by train but there were no tickets left for me, due to a special holiday. My bus supposed to depart at 11.15 am. I was waiting but nothing had happened. Then a man came to ask who was going to the cosmopolitan capital of Spain`s Catalonia region. Since I was the only one; I had to go with him by car to another village; from where; I could take the actual bus to BCN.

The bus came at 12.00 pm sharp. I think many people would say: “Well, this is not the way it should be. “however if we think of the village life, in its beauty, things are quite slow there, which can be great sometimes. When we have an urgency then it is annoying for sure, although life is more beautiful when some things are just not planned. 2015-10-10 11.28.57

Spanish music by “pantalones“ man: In the village, between Miranda de Ebro and Vitoria or Logrono, here I am, waiting at the bus stop. I can see three birds jumping on a roof of a really typical village house, the Sun is shining and the weather is a bit chilly so I feel even more alive and fresh. Then a car is arriving, playing loud music and the driver is advertising his “pantalones“ business, through his loudspeaker. I find it amazing. The village people are coming out from their houses and they actually are buying some “pantalones“ and all other type of clothing. The music goes on in the loudspeaker, the birds are keep jumping on the roof then I suddenly look around and I see the mountains. This is life and I experience life in its beauty near Miranda de Ebro.


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