7 Tips For Teaching English Through Art

  1. Art can be poetry, colouring, music and many other wonderful form of freedom. We choose one, what is the most suitable for the particular student or class.
  2. Get to know the students! Before I choose a form of art, I get to know the people I “teach“ or communicate with. Some of us love music, others love poetry or rap music / rapping. With children it is slightly different thus I recommend one form at a time and another the next time (colouring, TPR, music) . 2015-06-18 14.00.30
  3. Creative Writing works very well with both children and adults plus you can also have a contest. They can write about a given topic (you start with 1-3 sentences : “Once upon a time there was a little girl/boy who wanted to have a bicycle.“ ) This is way better than a given homework: write 5 sentences with present simple/past simple etc.
  4. Drama/Acting : Artigal`s method for children is an amazing way of teaching and Amateur theatre for adults is another way to teach English through drama, unless we have a First Certificate exam, to get prepared for.  : ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRaOFt3c6oo) https://sites.google.com/a/xtec.cat/la-llengua-anglesa/artigal-s-method )
  5. Meditation : Before the class , especially with little children, 3 minutes meditation has a great effect. I ask them to close their eyes and breath in and out slowly. They love it. I also use this, instead of too many “time out“ or “punishment“ .
  6. Emotions-Feelings : Talking about emotions can be used with adults as well as with children. English can be taught through books and certain  inevitable grammar exercises, however when it comes to adaptation, feeling-talking is a success for sure! We all love talking about ourselves. I always ask students “What is your dream?“
  7. Appreciate art itself! As teachers we all need to learn new teaching methods. Creativity is essential unless we just want to swim through the day like a sleepy fish.

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