Think like Einstein and manifest your dreams

Intelligence versus Imagination: We all know the famous quote by Albert Einstein “the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. “ There are many articles about Einstein and most of us are fascinated by him, by his life and work. He truly knew something.

Curiosity: Think like Einstein and you manifest your dreams, but how did he think? He was curious just like a child. If we remain curious, we will discover so many interesting things. From those interesting things then we can imagine and visualize further, like we play with our thoughts. Example: I am curious how children can be so content and if they want to cry, they just do it in front of others. Then I am curious about the reason of many diseases of malfunction of the body mechanism. Then I will get to know that if we repress feelings we can get sick thus I will cry in public, if I have to. I am curious how to make a website although I never liked computers in my life, but my curiosity helps me to manifest my dream.

Einstein logicImagination: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination get you everywhere! “ Said Albert Einstein. He deeply imagined things and then he actually believed in them. Most people do think a lot and daydream too however when it comes to our dream, do we have the faith? Our faith must be so strong like a mustard seed. It is written in the Bible. “If you have faith as a mustard seed you will say to this mountain, `Move from here to there, ` and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. “ So many times we decide by logic instead of following our intuition.  I had many dreams, I did follow my intuition and I still do. Einstein inspires me so as Jesus, Gandhi and others. I had a dream. I imagined it with closed eyes and I wrote it down in the present tense. I have a dream that I am free. Free of judgements, jealousy, and anger. I would like to have financial freedom and I would like to motivate others. What is your dream?

Making mistakes: Einstein said that anyone who has never made a mistake never tried anything new. So let`s make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. The best example is language itself. Learning a new language requires bravery. If we never start to learn a language due to the fear of making mistakes then we will lose so many things. The feeling of achievement, happiness, new relations etc… As educators and teachers we must encourage everyone to be brave, to use the language with mistakes, rather than not to use it at all.

Before GodWe are all the same: Last but not least if we want to succeed in life, we must accept one another. We cannot manifest a Ferrari if we are jealous of people with Ferrari. How could we write a book if we don`t admire other writers, authors, poets and artists? As we learn that before God we are all equal then we can manifest whatever we want.


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