Your wish can help others

In case you are not aware of the power of your mind; I would like to share a story with you.

I started to teach six young unemployed people in December. Since their level is C1 (advanced level), my aim and task were helping them to improve their English language proficiency as much as they could.

As I got to know them individually; I started to feel their frustration regarding unemployment especially because there were so many exercises regarding the topic called job. Questions like: How do you like your job? Did you have more free time when you were a child or do you have more now? Do you have enough leisure time? After all, they asked me to skip those exercises. No wonder why.


My dilemma started. Obviously, if they found a job they would leave the course then I would not have anyone to teach. On the other hand, I love motivating people and helping others makes me feel truly happy.

I decided to wish them the best from the bottom of my heart, and I even told them that I would assist them to find a job. I started to send job offers, and I shared all the information I heard about jobs in Barcelona or nearby.

In January, one girl got a job so she had to leave although she promised to return. Then a guy received an offer from Madrid thus, he has gone and he might not come back at all. Then another man started to work not in his field of study but a job is a job, and I am sure later he will receive another offer or even open his own business. There are three girls left so now fingers crossed for them.

Your wish indeed can help others!



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