What do I see as the positive side of teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages?


I am a very enthusiastic and positive person thus I feel that teaching is definitely for people like me.

I love helping people to achieve their dreams and I love making people feel better about themselves.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is positive for many reasons. I am a non-native speaker of English. I feel that this can be an advantage in a way that Speakers of Other Languages could feel more confident because I am also a foreigner. It is certainly a point of view.

Teaching itself is very challenging for me and I love challenges. I also believe that educating Speakers of Other Languages is very interesting due to their own culture. It is easier to talk about topics related to cuisine, politics and customs. It is very interesting to exchange opinions with Spanish, French, Italian and South American people about their usual habits. I can also learn a lot through teaching.

I am also interested in other languages thus it is positive to see the differences in grammar.

I am able to improve myself every day as I am sure there are many questions from the students and perhaps not just general questions. I certainly believe that teachers are learning and improving themselves continuously. Teaching is a very positive occupation for me. We give something great to people so they can be happier and more confident with their new knowledge. I do remember the teachers from my childhood. Especially the “good“ ones.

My English teacher was so enthusiastic and she really paid attention to students who loved the language. Probably that was the reason why I could help her teaching children in summer camps at the age of 13.

The other major positive side for me regarding teaching is drama. The play (fun) part of the education.

I believe that there is an obligated part of teaching, the grammar and certain exercises however I feel that drama, games and fun activities can keep students stay interested, fresh and focused. Combining the play part and the serious part of teaching, paying attention to the time can be also challenging. Lesson planning is one thing I was really looking forward to.

IMG_2158 (1)

Overall I believe that good attitude, diligence and most importantly love for teaching is the key when it comes to teaching Speakers of Other Languages.

What is the positive side of teaching English for you?


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