Teaching English in Spain

After finishing the Celta course in Barcelona International House, I had this vision that I might have a job within few days or weeks. My vision was blur so at this time. I had to leave Spain at least for Christmas as I was running out of money. As a non native (although having an Irish background for eleven years) I was told that finding an English teaching job in Barcelona (as a non native) is not so easy due to the amount of teachers finishing Celta every year. Despite the rumours I was keen on teaching and having this experience as soon as possible. When people ask questions on websites about TEFL and teaching, usually the answers involve facts. I believe that when it comes to this whole teaching adventure in a foreign country you also have to have faith! You have to see yourself there. My vision was not clear in December but it became clear in January when I got a job. Everything is possible if we really want it and if we go for it!